Reminder: The Mysterious Melody is on YouTube!

Here’s a quick reminder for all of you in the UK during this half-term – SP K-Mushambi’s readings of The Mysterious Melody are still available on our channel on YouTube! Here is the link to the playlist with all the videos. Also, the first chapter is below, to kick you off! Subscribe to our channel for new exciting videos coming later this year!

Residence at the Kidzania London National Library, October 2020

Our friends at Kidzania London invited SP K-Mushambi to take up residence at the Kidzania London National Library during October 2020. On the 3rd of October, Kidzania re-opened after being closed during the COVID-19 lockdown. October is also when the UK celebrates Black History Month, and as part of this, Kidzania also invited Cocoa Girl to be a part of the kids city.

We provided some display material for the library, and also some of our promotional badges and stickers, which were sold in the shop for Kidzos (the local currency)! Unfortunately Kidzania London had to close later in October as the COVID-19 restrictions were brought back into play. However, we hope that we’ll be able to collaborate with them again once restrictions are lifted.

See some pictures from the Kidzania London National Library below, and a video from the library as well!

The Diverse Book Awards 2020

In July this year we received the exciting news that The Mysterious Melody had been long-listed for the inaugural Diverse Book Awards 2020, in the Children’s category. The awards were created by The Author School in order to highlight the best of the diverse voices published in the UK during 2019, both traditionally and self-published.

The Mysterious Melody on the Diverse Book Awards 2020 longlist

Though we weren’t selected for the shortlist, we were honoured that the book was selected amongst so many great books! Thanks to The Author School and the judges for reviewing and selecting The Mysterious Melody for the longlist, and thanks to Tenelle Ottley-Matthew for her wonderful photos of the book!

Visit The Diverse Book Awards to view the shortlist and the winner who will be announced on te, and please support these and other diverse books and authors.

Tarirai’s Choice was published this week!

Tarirai's Choice 3D cover

SP K-Mushambi’s first picture book, “Tarirai’s Choice”, was published on the 28th of July 2020!⁠ Buy it from our online shop, or from Amazon (UK, US and other regions). It is also available from other online bookshops, including Waterstones Online, Foyles and Barnes and Noble.

“Tarirai, a young guardian from the land of Tirivhu, is tasked with waking up the twins Naniso and Shinga, before their heritage is lost and forgotten. But Tarirai does not remember what to play and is in such dismay!

Will the Big Safari Five (Lion, Rhino, Leopard, Elephant and Buffalo) help him solve the problem?⁠”⁠

Written in rhyme and with beautiful vibrant illustrations, “Tarirai’s Choice” is a fun yet powerful picture book for children and adults about staying true to who you are. You can take a look inside the book here!

Anniversary on the 2nd of July

The 2nd of July 2020 was the 1st anniversary of the publication of The Mysterious Melody! It’s hard to believe that this all started 1 year ago! In celebration, we reduced the price of the book for 1 week! We hope you managed to get your copy!

To all our readers and followers and reviewers, thank you for all the support over the past year, here’s to many more!

SP K-Mushambi has a new book coming out!

Tarirai's Choice cover

“Tarirai’s Choice” is a picture book, for children from 3 to 5 years. It contains the magic and music you have come to expect from SP K-Mushambi, and amazing and vibrant illustrations by Kudzai Gumbo. It also features a special appearance by characters from “The Mysterious Melody“. Your little ones will enjoy finding out if Tarirai will make the right choice!

We will confirm the publishing date for the book very soon, so keep an eye out for updates! In the meantime, meet some of the new characters from the forthcoming book, including Tarirai himself!

Meet Rhino!

Meet Leopard!

Meet Elephant!

The Mysterious Melody, now available on YouTube!

We’re trying to do our part to keep the kids entertained (and the parents sane) during this period of social distancing. Over the next week, every day, we will be releasing a couple of chapters of The Mysterious Melody, over on YouTube. Click the link above to watch Chapter 1, and Chapter 2 is available as well.

Follow us on social media or join our mailing list to be notified when about when the next chapters are available. If you would like to buy a copy of the The Mysterious Melody, it is available at our shop, or on Amazon and all good online bookshops.

Stay safe and look after each other!

Africa Utopia, September 2019

This goes to show the power of “Yes!” We only woke up the fact that Africa Utopia, September 2019, would be on a week before the festival. This is an annual celebration of the African diaspora in the UK, which is held every summer at the Southbank Centre. There are seminars, performances, panels, and, of particular interest to us, a Marketplace of African-themed goods. Previous attendees have included . This year’s event included performances by the Kuti family, a show by Chinundu Onozo, and panels with Akala and Natalie Emmanuel. It also featured an appearance by Bino and Fino – more on them later!

We thought to ourselves “That would be the ideal place to market NanisoCreate and probably sell some copies of The Mysterious Melody – but surely it’s too late to acquire a stall?” But we we went ahead and sent the organisers an email, 1 week before the event. It turns out, it wasn’t too late after all, as there was a stall available on the Sunday of the 3 day event!

So we packed ourselves off to the Southbank Centre on Sunday morning, and, while it was definitely a long day, it was just as great as we had expected.

In the morning, there was a showing of a couple of episodes of Bino and Fino. This is a cartoon aimed at kids produced in Nigeria by Adamu Waziri and his company EVCL. It was great to see the kids capitivated by a positive and educational cartoon from Africa. Then later in the afternoon, we were throughly entertained by both a dance workshop and by Celestina Diamond and her Sunday Service, which featured several amazing gospel performers from the UK.

To top off the afternoon, we some of met our fellow stallholders, including Bianca of @thekuumbakids, and Samantha from @thisisbooklove_, and @houseofloulee! All in all it was a fabulous day, and we hope we get a chance to attend it next year!

Black History Month October 2019

Here are a couple of the events that we attended during Black History Month, October 2019!

On the 5th of October we travelled up to Birmingham and hosted a stall at the Black History Activity Books Launch 2019. This was only the 2nd time this event had been held, and it was hosted in a significantly larger venue due to it’s popularity last year. There were loads of stalls, presentations and activities for the kids and younger attendees. The attendance was high and everyone who came to the stall was enthusiastic about the book.

It was great to have the opportunity to be able to publicise ourselves and sell The Mysterious Melody in Birmingham. We found it inspiring to be part of such a large event, and made some brand new contacts. We even met some of the great entrepreneurs who we’ve followed and who are following us on social media, which is really inspiring. It’s given us some ideas of our own that we will be pursuing soon!

That weekend turned out to be a particularly busy one, because on Sunday the 6th we hosted a stall at the UK Vegans of Colour Black History Month Edition. This was their first such event, and it was held at Copeland Park in Peckham. There were plenty of stalls featuring fashion, art, clothes, and of course some really great food – we almost spent more time eating than selling! There were some really good workshops as well. It was great to see Bianca from thekuumbakids again – she held a couple of artistic sessions with the kids and they really enjoyed it! Thanks to Mickey for inviting us to come along!

Here’s a short video with a view of the hall and the stands at the UK Vegans of Colour event.