The Mysterious Melody (Paperback)





Twins Naniso and Shinga live in England. They find each other annoying, but when it comes to the crunch, they always have each other’s back. When they are both awakened in the early hours of the morning by a mysterious melody, they join forces to find the source. With a little help from some unlikely friends, they find the origin of the sound, open a portal to their Zimbabwean heritage and begin a journey of discovery into what makes them who they are!


“The Mysterious Melody is a delightful little treat of a book. Music, magic, a dash of football, precocious kids; malevolent spirits scheming their schemes; what’s not to love? And more than anything it wears its Zimbabwean-British  identity proudly. Here’s to many more delightful and revealing adventures in the worlds of Naniso and Shinga!” – Lucian Msamati, BAFTA nominee, star of stage and screen, including Game of Thrones and Amadeus.

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Dimensions 20.7 × 0.6 × 12.7 cm