Book Reviews

Here are some reviews of the books written by SP-K Mushambi:

The Mysterious Melody

‘… The Mysterious Melody is a delightful little treat of a book. Music, magic, a dash of football, precocious kids; malevolent spirits scheming their schemes; what’s not to love? And more than anything it wears its Zimbabwean-British identity proudly. Here’s to many more delightful and revealing adventures in the worlds of Naniso and Shinga!’

Lucian Msamati, star of Amadeus, Game of Thrones, and His Dark Materials

Miamie reviews The Mysterious Melody!

“This is packed with all the vital ingredients of a children’s book – mystery, intrigue, exploration, family relationships, working together and learning about heritage and culture. This book is worthy of a place on all bookshelves.”

Daniella Blechner, Founder, Conscious Dreams Publishing Ltd

“It is so refreshing to have such a high quality read for kids who don’t get to see themselves represented that much. This book is well written, the graphics are good, and my kids enjoyed it, looking forward to the next one. Kudos to the author.”

Amazon reader, parent review