Tarirai’s Choice, by SP K-Mushambi

"Tarirai, Tarirai, don't you know
Mighty oaks from acorns grow
What you seek is in your soul
Trust the baobab to let it glow"

Will Tarirai make the right choice?

Tarirai's Choice 3D cover

Tarirai is a young guardian who is tasked with waking up the twins Naniso and Shinga, before their heritage is lost and forgotten. But Tarirai does not remember which instrument to play, and is in such dismay! Will the Big Safari Five (Lion, Rhino, Leopard, Elephant and Buffalo), help him solve the puzzle?

Written in rhyme and with beautiful, vibrant illustrations by Kudzai Gumbo, “Tarirai’s Choice” is a fun yet powerful picture book about staying true to who you are.

“Tarirai’s Choice” is the first picture book by SP K-Mushambi, author of “The Mysterious Melody”. The book is available to buy from our online shop – we’re based in the UK, so postage costs and delivery times for international buyers will be higher, but we will get the book to you! Tarirai’s Choice is also available to order from Amazon (UK, US) and other online bookshops such as Waterstones and Barnes and Noble.

Here is the book trailer for Tarirai’s Choice!

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