Black History Month October 2019

Here are a couple of the events that we attended during Black History Month, October 2019!

On the 5th of October we travelled up to Birmingham and hosted a stall at the Black History Activity Books Launch 2019. This was only the 2nd time this event had been held, and it was hosted in a significantly larger venue due to it’s popularity last year. There were loads of stalls, presentations and activities for the kids and younger attendees. The attendance was high and everyone who came to the stall was enthusiastic about the book.

It was great to have the opportunity to be able to publicise ourselves and sell The Mysterious Melody in Birmingham. We found it inspiring to be part of such a large event, and made some brand new contacts. We even met some of the great entrepreneurs who we’ve followed and who are following us on social media, which is really inspiring. It’s given us some ideas of our own that we will be pursuing soon!

That weekend turned out to be a particularly busy one, because on Sunday the 6th we hosted a stall at the UK Vegans of Colour Black History Month Edition. This was their first such event, and it was held at Copeland Park in Peckham. There were plenty of stalls featuring fashion, art, clothes, and of course some really great food – we almost spent more time eating than selling! There were some really good workshops as well. It was great to see Bianca from thekuumbakids again – she held a couple of artistic sessions with the kids and they really enjoyed it! Thanks to Mickey for inviting us to come along!

Here’s a short video with a view of the hall and the stands at the UK Vegans of Colour event.