The Mysterious Melody Book Trailer

We’ve known for a long time that we could use illustrations, music and animation to bring Naniso and Shinga to life. The Mysterious Melody book trailer conveys the essence of this first book and all the books that will hopefully follow. We hope this will just be the first of many animations featuring Naniso and Shinga.

Some seriously talented artists from Zimbabwe were involved in the production of this book trailer. Kudzai Gumbo is a graphic designer who has worked in the animation and games industries. He has been on this journey with us almost since the beginning, from when he provided the first illustrations of Naniso and Shinga to the delivery of the illustrations and the book cover. You can see samples of his other animation work here and here.

Platinum Kingz Records are music producers based in Harare, Zimbabwe. We were blown away by how quickly they took our brief and turned it into a theme tune that really tells Naniso and Shinga’s story. We will be working with them again on more material, and we expect them to go far.

The voiceover is provided by a young lady who we are also sure has a great future ahead of her! She loves Naniso and Shinga too, and shares their passion for discovering more about the country of her heritage!

Please enjoy The Mysterious Melody book trailer below. If you go to our channel on YouTube you can find some of our other videos. Please send us an email or visit us on social media if you have any thoughts, we would love to hear from you.